April 27, 2017

Wie bearbeitest du eigentlich deine Instagram Bilder? Diese frage höre ich sehr oft!
Ich dachte mir ich zeige euch heute einfach mal wie ich meine Bilder bearbeite.

Die erste App die ich nutze für meine Bilder ist Facetune.
Bei dieser App nutze ich die Funktion "Whiten" um den Hintergrund ein wenig aufzuhellen.

Als nächstes öffne ich die App VSCO Cam.
Da nutze ich den Filter (A5) für fast alle meine Bilder.
Danach passe ich noch ein paar Kleinigkeiten an.

Filter: A5 auf 8.4
Helligkeit: - 1

Und das war es auch schon!

Habt ihr auch einen Favorite Filter bei VSCO?

- Kevin

Baseball Jacket x Custom Denim Jeans

April 25, 2017

My embroidered baseball jacket by H&M is one of my favorites for spring and summer!
I really love the tiger on the back side. The jacket is thin and light and very comfortable, perfect for a great spring evening or a summer evening! To my baseball jacket I wear my custom denim jeans which I made last summer. As you can see, I wear my new FILA shoes which are very comfortable and I really like the simple design.



April 22, 2017

Todays Outfit of the day showcases one of my favourite trends at the moment! I discovered this denim jacket at my local H&M store. It fits perfectly with my acid wash shirt and my ripped slim fit jeans. For this outfit I wear my chelsea boots from ASOS. I also wear my new sunglasses and a few rings as accessory from TevinVincent! 

You can see more pictures on my instagram: @itskevinlenhart

- Kevin

be bold, be striking, be unique! DUKUDU

April 21, 2017

This is one of my favorite watches. I really love the design of the watch. And you can easily change the size! The watch has a light weight. It fits perfectly to my new outfits. They have very many different designs. If you want you can check out there website: 

In cooperation with DUKUDU



April 21, 2017

What I'm Wearing  
- Leather Jacket (ASOS)
- Biker Jeans 
- Chelsea Boots (ASOS)
- Los Angeles x New York Shirt (ASOS)
Todays Outfit of the day showcases one of my favourite trends at the moment! I discovered this biker leather jacket on Instagram. And I bought them immediately. It fits perfectly with my biker jeans. The jacket is very comfortable and keeps me warm even on cold days!  And I always have my uncool backpack with me from TheRafStore - I have everything I need in this backpack like my notebook, camera, clothes, my watches and many things I need every day.

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